About us

What we do

The Circle of Analytical Psychology was established in 2016 to develop ways of studying Liber Novus within small, engaged and committed groups. We have found that a reading of the whole work requires six academic terms if meeting weekly, or alternatively six week-long workshops. In future we hope to offer these formats in combination. Sessions are facilitated by seminar leaders with a substantial background in Jung’s work and its clinical implications. Our approach is to site the work in the cultural and intellectual traditions on which Jung drew, and to relate Liber Novus to his subsequent writings on analytical psychology.

The work of Liber Novus Sessions thus has two directional flows. By grounding Liber Novus in the contexts within which it was written we aim to try to understand what Jung was trying to say and do in this work; and by  developing an understanding of Liber Novus we look afresh at his published work to gain a fuller picture of texts with which we may already be familiar, but which often take on new life and meaning in the light of Liber Novus.

It is our experience that the new insights into Jung’s work now made possible by a reading of Liber Novus have the potential to reinvigorate both Jungian studies and the practice of Jungian analysis.

Who we are

George Bright

George Bright is an analytical psychologist who has worked in private practice in Kensington for thirty-five years. He is a Supervising and Training Analyst of The Society of Analytical Psychology, and teaches for several analytic trainings.

Diane Zervas Hirst

Diane Zervas Hirst is an art historian and an analytical psychologist who has worked in Kensington, London since 1996. She is a Senior Training and Supervising Analyst with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists. She is currently involved with Jung’s visual images and The Red Book.

Katerina Sarafidou

Katerina Sarafidou is the Jungian Director of the MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development at the British Psychotherapy Foundation and Birkbeck College and an honorary member of the British Jungian Analytic Association. She is carrying out postgraduate research on Jung’s Red Book at the Warburg Institute.